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I herewith donate to the National Greyhound Foundation Inc. for the furtherance of its good work the sum of $350.00 as an Adoption fee for a Second Chance at Life Greyhound Cell Dog. I understand that this fee is non-refundable, should I return said animal to Second Chance at Life for any reason. I understand the questions on the application and authorize investigation of all statements contained in said application. I acknowledge receiving from Second Chance at Life, custody of the above described animal, as to which I solemnly promise:

I will provide humane care and will comply with all laws and ordinances in force in the area in which I reside applicable to said animal.

I will keep my greyhound on a leash whenever it is outdoors, unless it is in a fenced in area.

I agree to have my greyhound wear the SCAL collar bearing its identification at all times and a leash should be used whenever the dog is taken outside the fenced area of your home. Although these dogs have gone through rigorous obedience training, Greyhounds are former racing athletes and cannot be trusted not to run when they are loose. THey have been taught the Drop command should they get away from you. Please use it. It may save their life.

I will contact and report to the SCAL office immediately if the animal is lost, stolen or dead.

I will not allow any person or entity to use said animal for any experimental or medical purpose whatsoever.

I will return said animal to the SCAL Office if, at anytime, I desire to relinquish custody of it. Under no circumstances shall I take said animal to any animal pound, shelter or other group or give or sell said animal to any individual or entity without express written permission from SCAL.

I will return said animal and relinquish custody of said animal to the SCAL office if, at any time, I am requested to do so by SCAL because I have violated any of the terms of this adoption agreement. I will not make any charge to SCAL for said animal's upkeep or for any other reason.

I will not attempt to hold SCAL, and/or its staff and/or director, responsible for any illness of said animal or for any damages and/or injury which said animal may do at any time in the future to any person and/or property, including but not limited to myself, my family, guests and invitees into my home, and other third parties. I will accept all future liability with respect to said animal and will indemnify and hold harmless SCAL and the National Greyhound Foundation Inc. for any liability it may incur to any third party for any damage and/or injury to any person and/or property caused by said animal.

I will not use said animal for the purpose of hunting game animals.

I will never allow said animal to be raced again.

I will return all follow-up reports concerning said animal when they are due or fill them out on our website at These reports are an essential part of getting a SCAL Greyhound Cell Dog. We keep a wonderful Follow up procedure with the former Inmates who have socialized these animals for you. Your input will help keep up there desire in the program. Each quarter SCAL drops a note to its former inmate from your dog. It also remembers their birthdays. We ask your support in this endeavor.

I will give said animal heartworm preventative provided to me by the SCAL through our Heartworm certificate. I will continue its use on a regular basis knowing it is my responsibility to purchase the remaining medication it from my veterinarian or I can purchase it through our NGF membership.

I will submit photographs of said animal once a year to SCAL for its use in finding more adoptive homes.

I will continue to have my greyhound wear the stainless steel identification tag provided by NGF at the time I acquired said greyhound. If said tag is lost I will contact SCAL immediately for a replacement.

I agree to maintain the Greyhound's teeth to a satisfactory level. Scale and tartar must be routinely removed and the teeth kept in good condition. A cleaning by your veterinarian is necessary at least once a year.

I will provide on an annual basis the following vaccines to my greyhound and provide SCAL with evidence of said vaccines if requested. 5-way DHLPP, Rabies, optional Corona and Lyme vaccines. In order to board your dog at our kennel it must also be current on Kennel Cough vaccine.

I will provide a greyhound crate for my new pet for at least the first month of its stay in my home. Greyhounds are used to having a lot of attention as well as being kept in crates and could become nervous and upset the first few times that it is left alone. For this reason, it is advisable to have a crate for the greyhound's safety and protection, when you are not at home (at least for the initial phase-in period). A crate can be rented for a short period.

I agree to keep my greyhound indoors and agree to keep it in the house at all times except for walks and exercise. It must never be tied up outside (they have never been tied and will either choke themselves trying to get loose or will slip out of the collar. Your greyhound must be allowed to relieve himself outside at least four times a day in an enclosed area.


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