Please fill out as much of this application as you can. Once your application is submitted, we will begin immediately working on bringing a retired Greyhound into your home. Please list the name of the Cell Dog you are requesting to adopt or we will choose the greyhound for you.

Name: *Required
Home Address:
Home City:
Home State:
Home Zip Code:
Home Phone:
Age Group:
Social Security Number:
Work Address:
Work City:
Work State:
Work Zip:
Work Phone:
Email: *Required

1. How did you hear about Greyhound Cell Dogs?

2. Why do you want to adopt a retired racing Greyhound?

3. The dog I would prefer would be (Dog's Name)


4. Please list the type, age, sex, size and breed of any other pets that will be living in the home with the Greyhound.

5. What pets have you had in the past?

6. Why are they no longer with you?

7. How many children are in your home?

Their ages:

8. How many adults are in your home?

Their work hours:

9. What type of home do you have?

10. Do you own your home or do you rent?

If you are renting or living in a condominium / apartment, you must provide a copy of your lease and / or written permission from your landlord granting you the right to have a dog over 50 pounds.

11. Do you have a completely fenced-in yard, or is there any part of your yard that is completely fenced-in?
If "Yes", please describe the type of fencing, height, and approximate size of the fenced area:

12. Is there a safe area nearby where you can take your Greyhound for long walks once or twice a week?

13. If you move, what will you do with your Greyhound?

14. Are there stairs in or around your home that your Greyhound will have to go up and down?
If "Yes", please describe:

15. All families will be required to obtain a crate for their new Greyhound. Would you agree to purchase, rent or borrow a crate for your Greyhound's safety and protection when you are not at home?

16. Please describe the importance of keeping a retired racing Greyhound on a lead when outdoors in an unfenced area:

17. Please describe your feelings about tying or chaining a dog outside:

18. Please describe the importance of keeping a Greyhound as a house pet:

19. Are you willing and able to take your Greyhound outside to relieve itself 4-6 times a day?

20. What would be the earliest date that you would wish to accept a Greyhound?

21. Please list the best time of day we may contact you to discuss this adoption at length.

22. Please tell us anything about yourself that you feel might help us in placing a Greyhound in your home:

23. Are you agreeable to a home visit prior to adoption and a later follow-up visit?

24. Please list your veterinarian's name, address, and phone number:

25. Is your veterinarian familiar with the unique characteristics of treating a Greyhound or other sighthound?
Please explain:

Please list two references who do not live with you and are not related to you. One of these references should be an emergency contact whom we could notify if your Greyhound should become lost or found and we could not contact you.

Reference #1:

Home Phone:
Work Phone:

Reference #2:

Home Phone:
Work Phone:

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