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This Agreement is made between The National Greyhound Foundation Inc., ("NGF"), with a principal place of business at 4420 Wandering Path, Homosassa, Florida 34446, the Second Chance at Life Greyhound Prison Partnership and
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A. Group Adoption Partner agrees to perform the following Services:

Adoption Partners are the most Valuable part of the Second Chance at Life program. Without you these retiring greyhounds will not be accepted into the program and will have no place to go when they are retired. Once you have been accepted as an Adoption Partner and chosen your greyhounds, you have made a commitment to those dogs. If you change your mind or can't fulfill your promise to those greyhounds, they have lost their chance at finding a "forever home" before leaving prison.

In order to help us run the SCAL program successfully and meet our Audit commitments (yes, we're audited yearly), we ask each Adoption Partner to provide the SCAL Prison Partnership home office with the following information on Prison Greyhounds you adopt from the SCAL program:

  • When you have adopted your SCAL greyhound, we ask that you give us the Adoption date; and the adoption family information including their name, address, telephone number and email. All information is confidential and will be used for internal audit purposes only.
  • A Follow Up report on the status of the dog in its new home in its first 30 days, and if a dog is returned, when and why it was returned. This data helps us with the evaluation of the program.

B. Expenses.

Cost of SCAL Trained Greyhound:
A non-refundable donation is requested from Adoption Groups for the cost of the medical work done on the animal of $150 plus a $25 charge by the SCAL program to help defray program expenses. You will also receive FREE a SCAL graduate jacket or scarf with logo, the special SCAL Collar and leash, a Greyt Travel Bag which includes his personal items, and the journal of his life in prison. Payment is due when you choose the dogs you want and commit to their adopting, by debit cards, credit cards or check. When you commit to adopting more than five (5) greyhounds each session, please ask about our rebate program.

Transportation of your Greyhound:
If you adopt 2-4 or more SCAL greyhounds per graduation, we will deliver the dogs to the nearest HAUL stop point on the East/South route,the same as any other haul, except you will be getting a SCAL Obedience trained greyhound and the benefits associated with this adoption commitment. If you want to adopt a SCAL graduate and are not on the delivery route which will be posted on the Web site, then you will have to make arrangements to get your dog from the Indiana, Michigan training centers, or FL destination center. While SCAL will endeavor to help you set up GUR's or other methods of transportation, the Adoption Group Partner shall be responsible for all automobile and other travel expenses from the Training Center to your adoption home.



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