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What Is A Prison Pet Partnership?

Inmates & Greyhounds a Prison Partnership Program™ is a collaboration of Greyhound Prison Foster Homes, Nation-wide.

The Second Chance at Life: Inmates and Greyhounds Prison Partnership program will establish a prison pet partnership program that will provide a Foster Care Home and Inmate caretakers for retired racing Greyhounds. It is an opportunity for Inmates to give back to the community. "The program alleviates boredom and tension in prison, resulting in a safer environment for both staff and inmates." According to Director Wilkinson of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.

The training and socialization program will increase retention of Greyhounds in their new adoptive homes, and allow many inmates, for the first time, to experience first hand, the un-conditional love of a pet. The combination of this animal/human bond and the socialization training by the inmates will help bring joy and un-conditional love into the lives of people in their community with a retired racing greyhound.

The NGF has analyzed and created a unique program in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Corrections, and Team Greyhound of Ohio which will show first hand the program in action. Now in production is a video, The Animal/Human Bond, a Second Chance at Life, which will be introduced to the prison industry at the American Correctional Association Winter Conference January 2007 in Tampa with a live workshop and the film screening plus guest speakers from Ohio, and Florida.

The nation wide collaboration when completed will partner over one hundred (100) Department of Corrections facilities, (5 prisons in 20 states), one hundred (100) Greyhound Adoption Groups, and 12,000 inmates all working together to save more than 6000 retired racing Greyhound's lives a year.

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For a complete book on how to set up your prison, contact us:

The National Greyhound Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 638, Homosassa, FL 34487
Phone: (352) 628-2281, Fax: (352) 628-9497
www.4greyhounds.org, email: prisongreyhounds@embarqmail.com

The prison set up book includes the following information:

  • What is a Prison Pet Partnership?
  • States Currently Operating Prison Pet Partnerships
  • States Operating Greyhound Prison Pet Partnerships
  • Why Select a Greyhound Prison Partnership for Your Prison Facility?
  • NGF Responsibility Highlights (Overview)
  • What we ASK of the DOC
  • DOC Responsibility Highlights (Overview)
  • About the National Greyhound Foundation Problem & Statement of Need
  • Objectives Evaluation, Recidivism and Re-entry
  • Pictures of Inmates and Greyhounds
  • Curriculum Available
  • Responsibility of Collaborative Partners
  • How the program works in the Ohio Facilities
  • Timeline of Schedule

Join us in Un-Conditional Love


Pictures of Inmates and Greyhounds

A Picture's worth a thousand words ...

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