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Graduation Day, for Grey and Trainer

Bobby, saying goodbye to a friend. The Grey, has his graduation jacket on and his graduation collar. This says that he is the Best of the Best in retired racing greyhounds. He is wearing his mussel, because he will be traveling with 3 other greys to their forever home. We do not want a squabble along the way. (Like who will sit in the front seat.:-) For over 3 years Bobby has been a Greyhound Trainer. He has said goodbye to many before. They each took a part of the other's heart and are both better for it. They both got what they needed, un-conditional love.

Bobby, has now been released. It is tuff for an Inmate to get a job. But the Second Chance Inmates stand out from the rest. They too are the Best of the Best! Here is a letter from Bobby now on the outside.

Dear Sebastians,

Greetings and God Bless you all. I have been meaning to contact you guys sooner, but things always seem to get in the way of what I am trying to accomplish. I wanted you to know that I am doing well. I am a year into my two year parole and am working siding houses earning about $15 an hour. I live in the country about a hundred yards from the grand river out my back door! Its beautiful out here and I am enjoying starting my life over ... Though this is all well, the real reason I am writing you all today is to tell you THANK YOU again for the opportunities you provided me and continue to provide to so many incarcerated men and women. We all hold so much affection and admiration for you ... you really can't imagine! this said, I am working toward being in a position where I can give something back to you ... and the greyhounds. I am working to get the property in a condition where I can again participate in helping the rescue efforts. I miss having the Greys around me and I long to have about 100 as pets!! Just kidding, but for sure three or four... or just boarding or whatever. Anyway, I miss you all terribly and hope that all of you are well. please tell Tracy and wife I said hello. And if there is ANYTHING I can do for you in regards to the rescue efforts, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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