Letters from My Forever Home!

Leslie (Calamity) our "Forever Gentle Giant".

Hi Beverly,

I am sending this update on our adopted prison greyhound. We adopted PG's Calamity through Allies for Greyhounds of West Michigan this past October. Our first adopted greyhound had passed away a few years ago and we were hesitant in getting another because of our young kids. After contacting AFGWM, they informed us of the greyhounds that were trained at the prison.

We were given the opportunity to meet Calamity and were instantly impressed with his obedience and eagerness to please. Clem, as he is now called, is a wonderful addition to our family!

He loves to go for walks and we enjoy taking him. I have never had a dog so well trained ... and easy to be around. Our children adore him and love being around him.

We have taken him to a fenced in field to run a few times. The first time, I think he was worried about being left and he ran and jumped back in the car and refused to get out! I think Clem will always be a little shy, although he is becoming more and more playful with our 2 pugs!

Please thank the people that trained and worked with Clem! He is our "forever gentle giant".

Thanks, Leslie

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