Letters from My Forever Home!

Carma and Yeager, together again. :-)

My forever family picked me up from my foster home (Joe & Kim S.) on the worst weather day in Toledo this year. Joe & Kim were really nice to me; I think maybe they wanted to keep me!

I've only been with my forever family 2 weeks today! It is pretty nice here; we have a nice red leather couch that I can sleep on anytime I want. You can see from one of the pictures that I let my forever Dad sit on the couch too, if he lets me rest my head on his lap. He had a "hammock Bed" all ready for me and I sleep on that a lot too. I would like to sleep in their bedroom at night but I am still a little too interested in the cats. I am getting better; today 'Sir Louis' a big pretty white cat came right up to me when I was on the couch with my forever Dad. That cat sure was interesting but I just watched him and 'Miss Penny' (she is a cute little red tabby cat) walk around the room and surprised both Mom & Dad because I didn't even try to leave the couch. They said that they were very proud of me.

Mom wants to start working with me to train to be a therapy dog. I guess that means I will be visiting seniors and kids. That really sounds neat. I went to a "Meet & Greet" with a bunch of other Greyhounds just 3 days after I got here; if being a therapy dog is anything like that I will really have fun!

Mom & Dad said that my SCAL trainers really must be special guys the way they took care of me and helped me during my SCAL training. I tried to tell Mom & Dad about them but I don't speak people, so all I can do is be a good friend like the SCAL guys told me to be.

Mom had made me some warm coats before they picked me up. I guess they really wanted to have everything ready to make me feel at home. I have enough different coats to change everyday for a week without wearing the same one. And they are really warm even with all the snow here. I have a bunch of squeak toys to play with.

Dad is trying to teach me to fetch in the house and 'Go find Momma'. He doesn't have to tell me really, because I really like to be with her. I like to have Mom or Dad by me when I am eating; I really like to be with my people. Mom & Dad are talking about finding me a boy greyhound friend because I am so well mannered. They said that, I am just repeating it! I hope he isn't as interested in the cats as I am so he can help me with that, and I would like to have a dog friend too.

If they can find a SCAL Greyhound Boy for me, I would like that the best. He will have to share his squeak toys with me, and we can go for walks together. I walk every day with my people and we go for a lot of car rides, boy is there a lot to see outside, lots of smells and hands to pet me too.

I Hope that Mom & Dad thank all the people who have helped since I retired from racing because I really do appreciate it. Having my own people is really nice. I am sure that Mom & Dad will ask me to stay in touch to let you know how I am doing. 'Till next time, God Bless, Love and Licks,


Carma got her new greyhound brother from one of our SCAL Graduates, Jaegemeister (Yeager) who was trained by the same trainer who trained Carma.

Carma says, "I think that Yeager is a "scaredy cat". But that's OK; I can boss him around easier! Actually, it is nice to have him here, he is fun to be with, and he is a sweetheart. (Don't tell him I said that)

We do have a lot of fun following Mom and Dad around the house, and when they go out Yeager is really good company.

I have invited him to sleep on my red couch but I don't think he believes me when I say he can. I sure am glad that you guys trained him so good, I don't have to show him how to do anything.

Dad says that I have to help him get over his shyness; I think he is getting better. I like going for walks when all 4 of us can go together. When Yeager and I go together but only take Mom or Dad, Yeager always walks on their left side and they let me walk on the right, this works pretty good so we don't get our leashes tangled up. This is a real nice forever home, Mom and Dad are always telling us how much they love us, and giving us hugs and kisses like my trainers did. I gotta go out, I'll have Dad send another note later.

God bless all of our good bud's.

Carma & Yeager

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