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First Year Coldwater Prison, Michigan

2007, was the end of the first year in Coldwater prison for the Second Chance at Life Program. Over 100 Greyhounds were saved. That is 100 that would not be alive today with out the help of these Inmates.

It was a time to be happy. A time to pat each other on the back and say "Job Well Done!" Let's see what we can do in 2008. The Inmates were excited and ready for a new challenge.

It was also a time to exchange gifts. The Inmates had made Beverly and I gifts, to show their appreciation for giving them a chance to be in this program.

They made us three wonderful gifts, all hand made.

A Pumpkin,
with Second Chance logo on it.

Click for large view.

A Poster
for our office with a Special Seal on it and all of their signatures.

Click for large view.

A Sweater for Beverly's dog Cinderella. This was a special hand crocheted coat that must have taken them many hours to make. You can just guess at the time this took them. Now imagine that they had to make it with a two inch crochet needle. This was as large a needle as they were allowed to have.

Click for large view.
Many thanks were given by us for these wonderful gifts.

Now our gift to them. Was a 3'x5' poster with all of the Greyhounds they had saved the last year. It was for them to hang up in their dorm. They were overwhelmed ... They could not stop looking and calling out the names of the ones they had trained. Tears of joy from the Inmates as they saw their friends again and knew that they were now in happy forever homes.

This 2007 meeting really showed how Second Chance at Life has save many lives. Greyhounds and Inmates ... God Bless them All, Ferd and Beverly Sebastian

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