Letters from My Forever Home!

Henry, is the absolutely most awesome animal friend that I have ever had.

Beverly: Henry and I arrived home last night. His new bed is at the foot of my bed. We bonded with all the time we had on the road, and I even let him sleep with me the first five nights, because he was soooo lonely for his trainer ... but he is a bed hog!! Then I got him trained to sleep at the bottom on a comforter.

He improved every day. And he was walking like a gentleman by day four. We went to a 800+ rig rally, and he was a hit. I pranced Henry around with his racing coat on, and of course 100s of people were telling others about the "prison dog." People I hadn't even met would come up and say ... this must be Henry. He LOVED the attention.

Henry traveled so well. He slept on the floor between the front seats most of the time. And when he stood up and stuck his nose in my face, I knew that he had to stop.

He is a little confused with all the room he has now, in this way-too-big house, so he just follows me from room to room (hoping for another treat). My bedroom is larger than the motor home we spent all the time in. His bed at the foot of my bed is a nice 5" thick 5'x4' piece of foam covered with fuzzy cotton.

He just met the next door dogs, and there was lots of tail wagging and nose touching. Henry loves the big back yard, and he followed me all around as I showed him the boundaries. I hate to slight all the other pet companions I have had in my life, because I loved them all and they gave me so much. But I will readily admit that Henry is the absolute most awesome animal friend that I have ever had. And this I am saying after less that 2 weeks.

What a difference having a greyhound that has already been acclimated to training typical of a house pet. I know, because I have had 2 greyts off the track to compare with Henry the parolee. I loved Earl and Suzi lots, but they started their training from a whole different place, and it was probably almost a year until they were at this place that Henry is now.

Henry is a extraordinary cuddlier. And he is so sweet and loving. I am so very happy that I have met you and been so lucky to have found Henry.

Love, Karen

Thank you for giving me a 2nd Chance, Henry!

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