Letters from My Forever Home!

From Isis ... "IceMandy," writing to her Inmate Trainer, Lisa Now in her Forever Home!


Hi Lisa,

It's me, Isis, your very best friend, and I'm writing to let you know where I am and how I'm doing. First of all, I want to thank you for your hard work that has made me the Greyhound that I am today. My new Mommy and Daddy are simply amazed by me. I am the 5th greyhound they have had over the past 14 years, and although they all were wonderful dogs, I've been the easiest to transfer into this new life, and I'm sure its all to do with your time training me.

I live in a nice home, an I have a new sister, she just turned 12. She pretty much acts like I'm not here. But that's OK, its still nice to be around another Greyhound. And my Mommy and Daddy make up for the attention I don't get from her. They hug me and play with me. They got me a bone made from the tennis ball stuff just like you ask. I have a nice fenced in yard to run in, and I feel like I've been here all my life. This is where I am supposed to be. They love me so much! Yesterday they took me to a greyhound meet and greet at a mall, And everyone told me how beautiful I am. People who didn't know about Greyhounds commented on how calm I was.

My Mommy and daddy lost a very special girl to cancer in December. My Mommy was so very sad, and ask her friend in Greyhound Adoption, to please find her a new Greyhound to love. She searched for one the color and age of me, but no Greys were coming off the track that matched my description. And then my Mommy's prayers were answered, and I was found! Everything happens the way it does for a reason. That's why a Grey wasn't found till I was available, I was meant to be here.

So, thank you Lisa, from me, my new parents, even my new sister (I know she likes my company). Please know I am so loved and will be here the rest of my life. Oh, and I have a new name, its Mandy. Till I learn it, I'm IceMandy.

Thank you for all that you are doing with all the greyhounds that will come to you for training long after I have gone. I will be forever grateful,

Love, Isis (Mandy)

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