Letters from My Forever Home!

I have only had Jack for two days, but I have fallen completely in love with him.


My dog's name is M's Black Jacket. We call him Jack. I have only had Jack for two days, but I have fallen completely in love with him. I have been reading his 'diary' of his time in Ionia, and was hoping for a way to let the guys who trained him know how grateful I am for the great job they did with him. Jack came to me calm and sweet. He is obviously well trained, and it is pretty clear that he got loved right from the start. That makes my job so much easier!

I have two cats, and Jack accepts them completely. He is settling in here and already seeks me out when he needs a little reassurance. He lets me put my arms around his neck and cuddle him. He has a great big heart, and I hope he gives it to me, because I think he is lovely.

Just let the guys know, please, that he has a great big back yard to run around in, and he sleeps next to my bed at night. I walk about 4 or 5 miles a day, and I think he is going to like going with me. And please tell them that I think it is due to them that he got such a great start. What they did for him was really important! I'm grateful.

Thank you for giving Jack, a "2nd Chance at Life!"

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