Letters from My Forever Home!

Kali, she is funny and brings us so much joy and love.

Kali aka (Blazing Bridget) is doing great. Living with 3 cats and like them. Always wants to play with her sisters (cats) tail up, bouncing around. Likes to lay on her back (dead roach position) She is a wonderful dog and is loved very much.

Her training has served us well. She is very well behaved and is willing to perform for treats. She gets a denta stick every evening and sits to get it. She is so excited to get the treat that, she has trouble sitting because her legs are quivering so much. The denta sticks are cleaning her teeth very well and as I said she loves them.

After supper she always has a play time. She shakes her boo bear all over the family room. One evening I told her she was silly and to give me her bear. Of course she ran away shaking it, but the next thing I know I get hit in the head with a flying bear. She had let go of it while shaking it and it hit me as I was sitting in my chair. She is funny and brings us so much joy and love.

We would like to thank the inmates for doing such a good job training her and hope they continue to train these loving gentle giants and help give them a second chance. We hope also that the inmates get something out of the program. If nothing else I'm sure they receive love from the dogs and I am sure that the dogs and the people that adopt these wonderful animals will never forget them and their commitment to these wonderful pets.

So, to Kali's trainers, thank you so much for loving and caring for her; you have done a wonderful job and we are forever grateful. Kali sends her love and a big greyhound hug!!

Thank you for my "2nd Chance at Life" ... Kali

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