Letters from My Forever Home!

Praise for Bobby, Joe and Tony.

We got our second Greyhound from Re-Gap on 1/28/07. We had our first dog for 8 years and thought we could never come close to our last Grey. We were matched with a 3 year, 9 month old black female whom raced under the name Solitary Flare. She went by the name of Kim. She obviously knew her name so she is now Kim, the Kimmer or Kimmie.

She was in the second graduating class of "The Second Chance at Life". We are partial to Greyhounds as a breed but after our experience with Kim, we are great supporters of The Second Chance at Life Program. We have the best behaved/trained dog that either of us has ever had.

We watched the video of the training program and have reinforced those skills and added shake as her primary trainer Bobby recommended and "saved for us".

When we take her out on a walk in the neighborhood she is the best dog on a leash thanks to Kim's trainers: Bobby, Joe and Tony.

We have shared Kim's training diary with our family and friends whom are equally as touched by the thoughts and feeling recorded about this program. In one of the early entries Bobby, her primary trainer admitted that he didn't really like black dogs and what did he get but the only black dog in the group. I felt the same way but decided her character traits were the most important. Very soon after having Kim in our home I immediately agreed with Bobby, Her loving nature wormed her way into my heart.

Kim joined our family and was ready to move into her "forever home" without any difficulties. We attribute this to her stay in the program and the affection she received from her trainers.

We want to let her "first friends" off the track to know she is happy, adjusted, loved and a joy to have. We attribute this to her amazing spirit and the friends she met at Coldwater. Thank you for the care and patience you gave our Kim and for the contribution you have made to save an amazing breed of dogs.

She continues to be a spaz running around the house with her toys and enjoying life. We often call her "enthusiasm dog" because she does everything in that manner. I hope you continue this program and enjoy your great contribution.

Kim's new mama ...

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