Letters from My Forever Home!

Rapido Eyeball, writes back to his trainers in Michigan.

Over the years I have been on the move and now I have finally found my perfect retirement home.

My racing career began in Daytona FL, but since I was not the quickest from there I then moved around to various tracks until I finished my career in Alabama.

Last year we met when I stopped off in Michigan to visit you and where you were kind enough to share your training skills with me. You taught me to be a well-behaved grey, perhaps one of the best-behaved greys ever (ok, I am a little proud of my skills). I was fortunate to have had you teach me my commands and I show everyone what a well-behaved grey can do, which encourages people to adopt retired racers, like me.

When I went to Gettysburg, PA, I was the star pupil for Gaye's program for recruiting other organizations to participate in the Second Chance at Life Program.

There are so many changes since I left in December. I have a new name, Gunner. My retirement is better than I could have ever planned, I have a family that loves me, gives me lots of ear scratches and belly rubs, plays with me, holds me when it is thundering so I am not scared, gives me frozen kongs with peanut butter (I love peanut butter - it is sooooo good), lots of plushy beds, fancy collars and clothing, and I have a sister greyhound - Elle. We are ("The Dynamic Duo..":-)

Elle is teaching me how to play. I had almost forgotten, but we use to play together in our whelping pen. She always wants to rough house, but I know how much bigger I am than her - so I am very gentle with her. So we race through the house together and then bark at one another. We get along so well, it is like we have known each other our entire lives. Well we have, but we were separated a looooong time. We like to roo together and sometimes our family joins in (but they do not know how to roo like a grey so it is rather entertaining).

We both love wagging our tails and going out for walks. We are still not sure why these little dogs bark at us, but Elle and I ignore them completely (don't they know barking is only to get food). Elle was also bewildered as to why I did my commands for no food. She does her commands good, but only if she can smell the food and when she figures out there is no food she tries to look away, like who me?

I have also gone on a couple of vacations in what Elle & I call the Rolling Kennel, our family refers to it as an RV. We go on trips and get to be with our family all the time, we like being together. My favorite place in the Rolling Kennel is standing up front and looking out the big window and seeing the world go by. I like keeping an eye on everything (hey, I wonder if that is where "Eyeball" came from).

When we get to new places it is so fun because there are all these different smells from home. In addition, I am always petted by lots of people at the campgrounds because I am so big and my sister is pretty too. People just love how friendly we both are and especially how gentle I am.

By the time we get home, we are just exhausted and sleep soundly in our plush beds. My family is so proud of me and my sister - they say they are the luckiest people to have two such fantastic dogs.

(I think they are right.:-)

Thank you, for making their dreams and mine come true.

Thank you for giving me a 2nd Chance at Life and re-uniting me with my blood sister, Elle!

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