Behind The Razor Wire - Testimonials on how the program is changing lives.

God's Grace is Amazing

Nikki's Scrapbook. I Love My Greys.

Graduation Day, for Grey and Trainer

From the women at Gadsen Correctional Florida.

Dixie, I think Duke loves me and I'm OK with that, cause I already love him too.

When I needed them, they came to my rescue.

Eric, my father passed away ... Gillian was there.

Richard, my life has changed forever.

Charles: Big Wonder has taken the edge off ...

Raymond, you just look in their eyes and you know they love you.

Myron, polishes diamonds.

Bob, no Mark Twain but a great trainer.

Stephen, Greys turn people around.

Everette: I am a new Greyhound handler, I am learning to live again with "Mickey."

First Year Coldwater Prison, Michigan.

A handmade card from Inmates at Coldwater, Michigan.

A letter from Jamie, Inmate dog handler Michigan, Second Chance Program

A letter from Inmate, Ron Tompkins, inmate dog handler at Pendleton CIF, Second Chance Program, September, 2006

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