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Sorry it's taken so long to write about what's been going on with me since leaving the Coldwater Mens Correction Facility in Michigan after graduating last year as a cell dog. It's been a very busy year. I went into an adoption group, was fostered for a few weeks and then adopted on Sept 26, 2008. My new person tweeked my name to Vesta because she thought it sounded more girlie than Vestor. I like it.

Although I am a single hound in a home with a single person, I have lots of chances to express my social personality. My person takes me everywhere. We walk to the bank (where I get treats) & to the car dealer when our car needs oil changes. I've visited the hair salon (where everyone thinks I'm too cute), the farmers market (treats again). I also liked going to the retirement home where my person's mom used to live. I got lots of attention & pets there. My person & I do a greyhound meet & greet once a month at a Petsmart store and this coming Feb. my person is doing a presentation on ex-racing greyhounds at our local library. Of course I will be the star of the show!

I have kept up with the commands I was taught Coldwater. I sit extremely well, especially if I think I'll get a treat. I have soft dog beds in the house to nap in and lots of toys. Last fall when I came to live here I used to be OBSESSED with the squirrels in my yard. I would chase them & make them run up the tree or the fence. Now I really can't be bothered too much with the silly creatures, and just watch them from the patio. But I do LOVE to run around in my fenced yard like a crazy dog with my stuffy toy in my mouth.

My person is so thankful for all the care and kindness shown me after I left the racetrack. She especially wants to thank my buddies Jim and Cruz at Coldwater, who helped me become a special greyhound ready for my forever home. I am very happy (not to mention, a little spoiled). Here are some pictures of me.

Vesta and my person Bev

(PS - hope this gets to the right person because the email address I had didn't work)

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